Food extravaganza at “Karama”


Ever thought that sometimes it’s tough to push down your throat even half a plate of decent food and other times you just keep eating with an endless appetite??? Isn’t that just because of some mouth-watering food?! Well, that’s what I experienced!
A never-ending list of delicious food at Karama, serving ARABIAN, KARACHI and PUNJABI cuisines.

What I initially thought that it’s going to be yet another normal dining experience here, changed my view by the end of the Royal king-like meal of finger licking food!

When you enter the place you feel it’s all dark and dingy and yet there’s some kinda mystery when you see 2 separate rooms at ground floor that has screens at their entrance and named “MAJLIS”!

Then there’s also another floor through staircase having Arabian theme all over. You reach there and see a bright and soothing atmosphere with spacious dining area, the ceiling hanging with 100s of beautiful and colorful LAMPs!! Too good!!

What’s the beauty of this dining area is that a big group or family can sit down and dine together around a big round plate made out of a cloth (Muslims know this as Dastar). It’s the Mediterranean style of eating that brings people together. We were told that many real ARAB visitors who come here want to specifically dine in this area.
This is where we chose to eat. Do dine here just for an experience and great feel of it!! Lovely!!


Here too there were 2 separate MAJLIS dining areas.


Moving on to the BEST PART of whole experience, THE FOOD!
Here’s my view on the items I got to try:

Mixed MOCKTAIL – A fizzy, bright orange coloured drink with carrot juice and lime in it. It was really good and refreshing and definitely slightly healthier!


Blue LEMONADE was yet another refreshing lemon based drink. Really helps with the heavy delicious food.


Mutton paya shorba.
The paya was most delicious, flavorful and a little fatty as it’s expected. The chopped coriander and spices only increased its flavor. Though a little expensive, do try as it’s one of its kind, tasty and their signature dish.


Beautifully presented and fresh salad and fattoush for a great start and to clear the palette in between.


There was a list!

Arabian spicy potato, Tawa prawns, Mutton pepper, Peshawari sheekh/kebab, Kastoori kebab, Paneer tikka, Dahi kebab, Peshawari mutton kebab, Murgh pakiza tikka, Cheese hara bhara kebab.

Although all of these were too good, well seasoned and marinated where required, the one you should not miss out are Mutton pepper, sheekh kebab, pakiza kebab and delicious dahi kebab which is the best I’ve ever had. Succulent and tasty!

Murgh korma, Gosht nihari (with shanks), Tawa bheja, Dabba gosht, Dal makhni, Murg methi, kandahari murg etc. Again, all of these were rich, tasty and flavorful.
What stood out for me in Vegetarian was DAL MAKHANI, that was so delicious. If a hard core non-vegetarian can say that then imagine how tasty it must’ve been?? Do try!


ROTI items (quite reasonably priced):

Never knew I’d be excited about rotis too. Why?? For the sheer variety we were presented with – Kulchas, tandoori roti, lachcha paratha, stuffed naan with kheema/minced meat and the unique Karachi naan – goodness, these were huge!!
All of these were soft and well made and went very well along with the gravies.

8 varieties of BIRYANI!

2 veg: Vegetarian pulav and peas pulav.
6 non-veg of all 3 cuisines:Karma Spl, Mandi, Kabsa, Majboos, Punjabi and Karachi.

There was hardly any space left in my tummy but I did try a teaspoon each of Punjabi, Karachi and Karama special. They were all different with different kinds of rice, flavor, colour and meat marinade used. I liked the Punjabi one the most.


Lauki (bottle gourd) ka halwa – was nice but very greenish in colour.
Malpua and big jalebis with Rabri. They were nice and warm and went along with Rabri very well to end the bigggg meal on a sweet note.


I personally feel their desserts menu needs more options of the said cuisines, that’ll be an icing on the cake!

Pat on their back, quite a good, attentive and friendly service. All the staff, managers and Chefs did amazingly well!

Food: 4/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

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