Fusion-food at “Food-e”

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“Food-e” is an example for people who are not afraid to try their hands at being different from the usual lot in food industry; and experiment with food fusion – here, of Indian and continental cuisines! Yes, like most experiments, there will some hits and a few misses.

Food-e is a cafe like outlet that was opened about 8 months back…still pretty new.
Its supposedly spelled differently for “foodie”, just to be different.

The place is nice and bright with orange and grey colored décor and furniture. It has 2-3 outdoor seating capacity too. It has an open kitchen and you get to smell the spices and food that is being cooked.
The place can become a little congested if there’s a big crowd.

Here are some of the stuff I got to try:

Cranberry Mojito – A very nice drink with a twist of cranberry to the regular mojito! Well balanced and refreshing.
Mint and basil drink: Another good one!


Corn bhel nachos – a good innovative dish. The Indian spices and veggies on the nachos was a good twist!


Tangy chili wings – This was nice too… but more sweeter than being tangy but tasted good with the hint of tamarind and honey glaze.

Hot garlic crispy potato – it was similar to previous dish but was way too crispy, yet tasty. I would’ve loved a little soft bite of the potatoes.

Wok tossed chicken with orange crush – It gives you a “punch” of flavors with first bite! Hot and spicy initially but sweet and nice later on. It’s a must try.
There was also a spicier version and was very hot! People who love too spicy food, will like this more.

Masala (french?) fries – Unfortunately, this wasn’t and forgettable. This dish needs more attention to bring some required changes as it didn’t taste anywhere like fries.

WRAPS, DOSAs and ROLLS (All wraps can be served in a dosa, paratha or sub roll:
Achari paneer tawa paratha – this was an okay dish for me as tangy flavor is not everybody’s liking.

Chettinad chicken dosa – Nice thick dosa with good amount of chicken chunks…the only thing is that it was overpowered with cinnamon. If you like the idea of dosa and the curry/side in one roll, then this is for you.


GALOUTI kebab in burger with fries – Good flavors from the galouti kebab in the form of mined meat patty. This was a little dry. I like burgers whose stuffing is moist or juicy depending on what kind of burger it is.
The vegetarian version with black chickpea was dry and average too.
The buns were a little too thick.
But the fries alongside were great! This made it up to the earlier experience of masala fries.


RICE bowls, must try:
Palak paneer rice bowl – Very nice with fluffy and flavored rice and good try for vegetarians.

Keralan chicken rice bowl – People who love keralan cuisine..this is for you. The typical flavors of coconut and the marinated chicken chunks in the gravy were quite nice and made well. Good portion too!


Kadai chicken pasta – Indian take on pastas with our chef’s Kadai masala and spicy sauce. The pasta is sautéed with a generous amount of onions and garlic. It comes in 2 variants – vegetable or boneless chicken. I love cheese in a pasta so more cream instead may be?

Screenshot (Sep 27, 2016 2-41-57 PM).jpg

DESSERT drinks:
There are no desserts served here. Instead, the flavors of ice creams or desserts like brownie etc are incorporated in their drinks.

Brownie cinnamon twist – this was a little strong with loads of cinnamon and little sweet too. The crumbled brownie brings good texture though.

Screenshot (Sep 27, 2016 2-42-24 PM).jpg

Paan shot – A nice drink with goodness of a sweet paan/beetle leaf. It wouldn’t hurt if it’s made with more paan flavor…cos I love it.


I personally suggest them to have at least 1 or 2 dessert items because there’ll always be someone who wants to end a meal with a real dessert..!

Most of the dishes are different and good and kudos to them for doing something innovative in terms of fusion food!

Although there are a few things that need more care, attention and flavor/taste balancing, I still believe they are doing a good job and I appreciate creativity and hard work!

Food – 4, Ambiance – 3.5, Value for money – 3.5.


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