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Imagine this…. Mom asking, would you like to have some Asian, Mediterranean or some Continental food for lunch dear? I am sure, you would be excited and happy to hear it! I definitely would be.

Irrespective of how tasty and healthy home cooked food is, every now and then we all crave for that “thoda hatke” food that is not the ordinary or usual kind. So, we head to a good restaurant serving our favorite cuisine. But there are also days when you are bored, tired or lazy to step out but still want to try something new, healthy or innovative food but also need to satisfy your hunger and taste buds quickly!

Well, Freshmenu having 17 outlets in Bengaluru is one good option that can help you in times like these. No, this is not a marketing article. The above mentioned points in fact were the actual reasons that had made me order food from this joint whenever I felt the need for it.

Although my experience has been mostly positive, I did have my apprehensions if the food was really fresh? This was clarified by the team at one of the recent meet ups. Read on..

Being a food blogger, I was part of a food tasting event of their upcoming menu that was arranged at their office recently. I got an insight from the founder @Rashmi Daga herself that the food was in fact made fresh as per order. We were told that unlike most other delivery outlets which have one centralized kitchen that cooks food and  distributes across their outlets, here each outlet has their own kitchen and makes your food from scratch based on the ingredients available. Exception being some of the desserts that usually last for a couple of days and hence prepared in advance.

Here is what we foodies were served with and my view on the same:


  1. Smoked Salmon with Orange


Wow, this was a delight to eat! Salmon? I love smoked salmon and the fresh veggies and orange took the dish to a whole new level and brought vibrancy. A must try for seafood lovers.

2. Apple and Pear salad with Goat cheese

Copy of IMG_20160924_132006.jpg

A vibrant, lovely, healthy and delicious salad. The goat cheese added zing and  creaminess to it.


3. Steamed Exotic Vegetables and Tofu Bao with Chilli garlic dip

4. Pan Fried Oyster Chicken Bao with Chilli garlic dip

Both the bao were flavorful and the sauce made the real difference. As this  food is for home delivery, the thickness was slightly more to keep the contents intact.

5. Assorted Lebanese Platter (Roasted garlic and lemon hummus, Tazaski, Sundried Tomato and Pesto sauce):

This was one of my favorites. I enjoyed the breads and the dips especially the roasted garlic hummus. I just loved it, was very delicious.

If just the dips are on the delivery menu too, I am sure there will be big list of people who would want to have their hands on these.

6. Sriracha Paneer skewers with Barbecue dip


A very  good vegetarian dish. Paneer cubes were well marinated, the veggies were well grilled and the dip was tasty! All in all, a healthy and tasty dish.

Copy of IMG_20160924_132436.jpg


7. Chettinadu Chicken Burger


A nice take on fusion of chettinadu spices with the burger. This was nice paired with crispy potato wedges.

8. Gnocchi with cherry tomato in Arrabiatta sauce


It was indeed a good try but for me it was more on the average side as it was quite spicy and the taste of gnocchi didn’t come out very well. I like gnocchi the classic Italian way. A little more flavor balance, this will be a good dish.

9. Honey glazed Duck with mash and sautéed beans


I don’t eat duck meat so I am not sure if this was just alright or I didn’t like it as I am not used to eating this meat. Let us bear in mind that Freshmenu wants to get different cuisines to us. So this is an Asian dish an they love their duck and sweetness in their savory dishes. It is obviously different to the Indian palette unless there are people who love this combo/cuisine.

The mash on the other hand was creamy and delicious.

10. Pan-seared Salmon with Citrus Beurre blanc, Pea Potato Mash and Sautéed vegetables:

Now we are talking! Seafood or salmon lovers, don’t you think it is amazing to get such a dish while you are siting at home? I love salmon for its flaky meat and the color. Of course, it is healthy too. Combined with more veggies and placed on the bed of pea potato mash, this was a treat to the eyes when the dish arrived. It indeed tasted good and must try when i is on the menu listing.

11. Black Rice Risotto with brown butter vegetables


Don’t go by the looks. Yes, it is a risotto made with normal black rice. You will appreciate this dish if you appreciate creativity! This risotto (non-sticky and non-cheesy) was nice and flavorful. I personally would have loved more creaminess in it’s texture but still a great dish to try as the taste was very good.


12. Salted Caramel jar with Peanut Butter and Toffee Banana


A yummy dessert which is close enough to Banoffee. The addition of salt layer was a good take to break the sweetness. But I would suggest to decrease the salt quantity to make us enjoy this lovely dessert even more as it was a tad bit on the higher side.

I see this is already on the menu for 150 bucks which is definitely worth it!

13. Assorted premium dessert tasting Platter (Pistachio Olive Oil Cake/ Fig, Cranberry And Pure Dark Chocolate,  Mini Lemon Cream and Berry Tart-lets):


I have no clue if there will be a desserts platter on the menu but this was WOW when it was served. The best from the lot was the Mini lemon cream and Berry Tart-lets, was delicious. The others were alright, brownie was better.

All in all, I had a good experience with the talented Freshmenu team. Whether it was vegetarian food, non-vegetarian, seafood or dessert..there was a bit of everything for everyone from different cuisines and I truly appreciate this effort.

They have a goal of serving different and newer items to make our taste buds tingle and I hope they continue to do well.

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