“Flechazo” – Master Chef style

Flechazo…MediterrAsia. A new restaurant in town, the “MASTER CHEF (Australia)” style, serving Mediterranean and Asian cuisines!!
Why? Because of its concept. Read on…

When I entered the place, I was delighted to see the yellow and blue colored set up – was nice and bright, kinda peppy! The whole theme, the unique lighting etc. looked modern and non-boring for a change compared to other restaurants!

It’s pretty spacious and there’s an outdoor seating too. The view from here would look great at night is what I believe and brings in great brightness to the place during the day!
There’s an open kitchen and you can see all the chefs and cooks being busy churning out fresh food!
There were some huge ovens grilling stuff, and I later learnt that they’re all imported. Whoa!

I was courteously made to sit at a reserved comfy couch by the friendly staff.
There were some things that caught my attention, sure everybody else’s.

Topping the list from the tour  was provided with were:
1. Food SHOT: Basically a section which serves chaats, Momos, sushi, tapas etc. The shots or small portions of these items are served on bright green (veg) and orange (non-veg) colored plates placed on a small Conveyor Belt!
Wow, isn’t that amazing and interesting and yet modern take of serving food?!
I later tried the honey and orange pani puri from this section and it was delicious and refreshing. Never tasted anything like this before.

Screenshot (Sep 29, 2016 8-24-38 PM).jpg

2. The BIG O : It’s referred to the big Oven where fresh pita breads and pizzas are baked.
I also got to bake my own pizzas at the end of the meal with the help of the Chef, received a certificate too. What an experience in baking.
This is specifically done for the kids to help them enjoy and sure they’ll love cooking and eating these thin crust pizzas!!

Screenshot (Sep 29, 2016 8-23-21 PM).jpg

3. The desserts section where fresh ice creams are created with liquid nitrogen. I had only seen this on Master Chef Australia series, introduced by one of the top Chefs in the world – Mr Heston!! Yes, a couple of other joints have imbibed this concept but this was my first hand experience and I was feeling wowed!!


Flechazo, meaning in Spanish is “love at first sight” is what I was informed. They expect you to fall in love with their food and of course their service!

Coming to the food I got to taste from the buffet:


There were varied items in the starters list that I totally loved! Almost all dishes were delicious and mouthwatering.
But you should definitely NOT MISS out on:

TAWA FISH – One of the best ones I’ve had for sure.

Screenshot (Sep 29, 2016 8-21-25 PM).jpg

Mutton GALOUTI kebab – I’ve never had such tender, thin and tasty kebabs that just melted in the mouth! No exaggeration! Mutton lovers, you will be in heaven!!

Screenshot (Sep 29, 2016 8-22-38 PM).jpg

SHAWARMA chicken – Fresh grilled, tender and flavorful chicken served at the table. You can just eat as is or make your own shawarma with pita bread and Mediterranean accompaniments provided at the table.

Screenshot (Sep 29, 2016 8-21-56 PM).jpg

Churmuri PINEAPPLE – God, such tender and juicy V thin strips of flavorful, grilled and yummy pineapple sliced and served right at the table, fresh out of oven. I just keep going for more of it!

Screenshot (Sep 29, 2016 8-22-18 PM).jpg

Hyderabadi TANGDI kebab was nice, Cheesy CORN cake was delicious!

Other items: Crispy corn , paneer, potato fry etc were all nice too.
Only golden fried prawns were too much fried and seemed dry without much flavor. This needs attention!

There’s crab curry, fish curry, mutton gravies, baked lasagna, rice, dal, veg and non-veg biryanis, couple of chinese/cantonese items etc. Not too extravagant spread but it was a nice spread.
But if you enjoyed and ate well in starters, then this shouldn’t really matter! It didn’t to me😁.


1. Of course, we tasted the freshly made paan ice cream with liquid nitrogen, the Mater Chef style. It was quite tasty with various toppings but melted away too soon. This needs to be taken care of.
2. Panna Cotta : Had the right texture and looked yummy. But it was actually sweet rather than being sweet and sour as it’s made of yogurt but couldn’t get a hint of it.
3. Sweet pani puri – It was a sweet take on pani puri. Fresh fried puris dipped in sugar syrup are served with sweetened curd instead of pani. A different dish and nice!
4. There were jamuns, Indian sweets, brownies etc and were okay.


You get to choose a mocktail or a fizzy drink as part of buffet.
As special guests, we were also served a BERRY smoothie and fruit SANGRIA which are part of the separate non-alcoholic drinks menu that’s gonna be introduced soon.
The smoothie was soooo delicious and creamy (must try) and the fruits sangria was refreshing and fizzy with lots of fruits.

Screenshot (Sep 29, 2016 8-38-45 PM).jpg

This is my favorite part of the review cos it made our dining experience a fantastic one!!
Wow, every single staff was so courteous, so well behaved and served every bit of food we ate with a genuine sweet smile and it showed respect to their job which in turn made me respect them more!
Hats off to each and every staff.

Overall a must visit for a different dining experience.
Even their feedback form is different and smart which I liked.

Go, watch the instant ice cream being made, try your hands on baking some pizzas and have a blast with delicious food! The prices are on the higher side.

Food – 4/5, Cost – 3.5/5, Service – 4.5/5
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