Balle balle @ Kapoor’s cafe


Let me come straight to the point…a vegetarian restaurant run by a person who truly believes in “customer satisfaction” and serves some of the delicious food – especially, desserts.

So if a non-vegetarian like me says this about vegetarian food, then there is something right about this place = Good food + great hospitality!! 

I was here at the 2nd outlet of Kapoor’s Cafe with a few foodie friends.

In all honesty, the place neither looks like a cafe nor a fine dining restaurant BUT who cares?? It has it’s own charm!
There are some quirky and funny pictures and posters on the walls that can make u chuckle, smile if not laugh. This showcases the essence/uniqueness of lovely Punjabi people.


We foodies were served some specific items from the menu and here’s what I have to say and rated purely on these stuff I ate:


The 1st SHOW STOPPER was the DRY FRUIT LASSI. Ohhhh it looked so tempting in the little earthern pot topped with a cherry and nuts😍. Ooohhh lah lah…it was delicious!!! I couldn’t stop myself from having two of these😋.


STARTERS (all served with tasty, thick vibrant green chutney)

Small cheese balls coated with potato mash and deep fried.
The best thing was the melted cheese oozing out of the balls when you cut them into two. The saltiness/seasoning basically came from the cheese. They were yummm and soft, and the mint chutney combo was very good!


French fries PUNJABI STYLE
The fries were perfect! What’s Punjabi in it?? Well, the fries were spiced with red chilli powder with a squeeze of lemon juice and garnished with fried green Chillies and fried coriander. Who would’ve thought we could eat French fries this way too?😎.


Good long thick chunks of paneer battered and fried. They were alright and paneer was soft and nice. I’d have preferred some more seasoning though.


The MAHARAJA thali
The thali consisted of soft and light buttered phulka, and small bowls of baigan bhartha, mixed veggies subzi, dal, paneer butter masala, green peas Pulav, raitha and salad. I felt paneer makhni could’ve been tastier as there was overpowering taste of cinnamon and bhartha could have been cooked even better. Else, the thali was nice with good portions.


CHEESE PARATHA with butter
Wow!! Nice and thick parathas stuffed with cheese and other good stuff. You take a bite and can actually see cheese oozing out of it. It was very tasty and a must have if you don’t mind piling up on more calories.


Another 2nd BEST delicious item served in little earthern pots, topped with nuts and cherry. It was just WOW!! So tasty and mouthwatering. The portion seems small but enough to make your taste buds dance😘.


Arpit Kapoor, the owner is an example of running a place having customer centric approach. It’s been long seeing someone so passionate about food industry and hospitality. It reflects on his sweet smiling face and in his actions. He’d go to every single table and serve the customers.
A pure veg restaurant is just because his parents are vegetarians and wished the restaurant be based as vegetarian food.
He welcomed us happily and left no stone unturned to ensure we were looked after very well. He personally served all the items to us with great patience. Yes, I left the place with smile on my face and gaining 2 Kgs weight (literally😂).

The place was bustling with people within an hour and hardly had any table vacant. Seems like heaven for vegetarians for sure! Nice!

A couple of items as mentioned above would need some more flavor balance and right seasoning.

They need to provide steel dessert spoons for LASSI and fruit cream instead of big steel tea spoons as the pots have small mouth.

Overall a wonderful experience and a must visit for vegetarians and dear Punjabis out there.

Food – 4/5, Service – 5/5, Cost 4/5
Kapoor's Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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