Would you like to “eat” some tea @ Tea trails

Nope, what you just read is not a typo!
This place has an interesting concept of enjoying various exquisite teas with some interesting food pairing that mostly have tea infused in them some way or the other.

I was invited to their Koramangala outlet for tea and food tasting session as part of Bloggers meet.

It’s quite a vibrant and bright looking place. One of the walls have teapots crafted within them which makes it pretty interesting. There are various paintings depicting the essence of tea making all over! Some teas are being sold too.

What’s this about?
The founder of this place has tasted about 2000+ teas throughout the WORLD and ended up creating a list of tea pairing with food and opened the first outlet in 2013. Different teas have different brewing temperatures at different timings. Wow!
There’s also oils and salts made of tea😌.

So here’s my view on what I got to taste and experience:

1. Kashmiri kahwa paired with Burmese tea salad – this was a green tea infused with spices and almonds. Tea was mild and the salad was very yummy.


2. Tea infused broccoli soup with garlic bread. This tea powder is imported from Japan. Soup was creamy and delicious.

3. Olive and green tea bruschetta – it was a tangy and fermented tea and the bruschetta was very tasty!

4. Marble egg tea salad – a very interesting looking salad that has half boiled eggs which looked like marbles/pebbles. Another nice salad!

5. Lapsang Souchong (Black tea/smoky flavor tea) paired with smoked paneer or chicken sandwich. Tea’s imported from China. The Smoky smell and flavor is quite evident when you taste, otherwise has normal tea taste.
Smoked paneer was really yummy and better than chicken sandwich.

6. Kullad tea paired with onion pakora. Nice “desi” masala tea and pakoras were nice. I would’ve loved more spiciness in them though.

7. Lychee bubble cooler – This was hands down one of the BEST items from the menu. Why?? It’s really fun sipping this flavorful iced tea that has small bubbles of fruit that burst in the mouth! Brilliant! Time to become kids again😄.

8. 3 cheese risotto – It was different with tea flavoring and was very very yummy and of course cheesy – was just WOW!


9. Better wife – funny name isn’t it?? The reason is that it has sooo many complex fruit flavors infused in it which you can’t really pin point; just like how it’s not easy to know “women” who are supposedly mysterious😂! The other name could be “keep guessing” kind.
The taste WOWed me and I just went for second helping! Very yummy and refreshing drink! Do go for it!


10. Red Zen – a vibrant and colourful looking and fragrant tea that’s made with herbs, fruits and flowers. It was nice and sweet.


Apart from the above, we also tasted:
“Cheese fondue” – it looked great and combined with some veggies and pakoras to dip in the fondue and enjoy. I personally feel there could have been better selection of items to relish the fondue, it didn’t bring out much taste!

“Kejriwal” – toast topped with fried egg. It was quite spicy/hot topped with raw chillies. I’ve had better ones elsewhere.


DESSERTS (doesn’t have any tea infused)
Red velvet – was nice too.
Mixed fruit pastry – was soft and quite nice.
Chocolate decadent – again nice.




I do know that there are some ice creams and other desserts that can have tea infused in them. I can only suggest the founders to may be introduce that in desserts too!

I personally like my normal desi milk tea. But whether you like simple tea, exquisite tea or do not like any tea at all…you could still visit the place as the outlet has many other things to offer!
But yes, you have to be a patient person if you’re here to enjoy their teas especially as you will brew your own based on provided instructions!😋.


Go eat some tea and witness a courteous service.

Food – 3.8/5, Cost – 4/5, Service – 4/5.

Tea Trails Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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