Taali, for Thaali meal @ “Samaroh”

Samaroh – a function or interchangeably termed as a gathering or get together. For me, it is just not about people coming together to dine here but also coming together of various dishes on one plate.

It’s an all veg restaurant serving 7 course thaali meal. I was happy to dine here as part of Bloggers meet and the promotion of “Little” app. More on the app at the end and in upcoming blog.

Being a hardcover non-vegetarian, I do have my apprehensions when dining at all veg restaurants thinking what if it’s not gonna be good. And the NON-VEG devil inside me craves for meat!

There are quite a few restaurants serving thaali meal, so how’s it different or not??
Well, the difference is definitely the complete experience you get while dining here. Read on…

The place looks beautiful with pink and golden yellow colour in the décor, the dining area etc. It’s kinda soothing to the eye! The brass utensils, cutlery and some very cute ones add to a lovely experience. They had their own shapes and sizes of spoons, plates and other stuff!

The thaali meal experience:

They serve complimentary crisps or fryams with various chutneys, sauces and relishes.
I enjoyed munching on these with the pickled veggies and they were too good! Your hunger only keeps increasing for the upcoming actual meal!

The first thing you get to taste in thaali here is actually a sweet, to start the meal on a sweet note! How nice!
In cute little bowl, a broken “Moti choor laddoo” was served. The broken laddoo looked like tiny orange pearls, very tasty dish. I only wish the quantity was more because the portion was more or less of half a laddoo and the tiny bowl wasn’t full either.

Then the items keep on coming and served wholeheartedly by the friendly staff! Wonderful service! Their Indian attire is pleasing too.

You get to taste aam panna, lassi and chaas along the course of the whole meal. All nice but seasoning needs to be balanced.


Dhokla, Soft and succulent paneer, spiced and grilled apple and aloo tikki – All good!


The tomato shorba had a vibrant red colour served along with crisps. It was light, quite alright but a little sweet. Some punch in the taste would’ve made it more tastier.

Very tasty and well balanced chaats. You would enjoy eating every bit of it. Whether Pani Puri or the other items. The paani kettle was so cute!

Main course

There was paneer, dal makhani, dhokla, corn sabzi, sarson saag and various other items…the list goes on.
The tawa pulav was again vibrant and tasty, so were the phulkas and rotis. Curd rice with pomegranate pearls was nice too. All well balanced with the servings in small katoris. Each had their own flavor, texture and goodness! So basically, different dishes of various Indian cuisines – Punjabi, Gujarathi, Rajasthani, South Indian etc…on one plate. Picking your favorite would be tough!
I loved the phulkas soaked with ghee and butter.


Malpua – Aahhh, Crispy fried malpua in sticky sugar syrup topped with cream. It was yummy!


Qubani ka meetha with cream
The cooking, serving and presentation of this dessert wasn’t the usual qubani. It was quite different and tasty. A fresh take on it was great to see and relish!


Tasty kulfi topped with saffron strings. The portion though could’ve been higher. Who doesn’t like ice cream desserts? It had the right amount of sweetness and creaminess!



Topped with saffron strands, this was a good sweet and tangy dessert.


Lychee in cream :

This was nice and creamy too.


Walnut halwa:

It was nice and sticky but little too sweet. I had never had walnut halwa, this was pretty new try.


Overall, I had a great dining experience. The spread and variety is elaborate. The taste is very good! The cost is icing on the cake! Perfect for vegetarians and must try for non-vegetarians too!

I loved the fact that I could see mostly families dining here. What a nice chance to bring your family and dine together!

As the food keeps coming and you keep eating, I doubt if this falls under category of a quick meal.
Do luncheons and dinners and come here with patience and time at your hand. Else, you wouldn’t enjoy as much!

This is also one of the restaurants nominated for “best Veg restaurant” category for the Times Food awards. So if you like it, you may vote for it.

“Little” app has great deals that would help you save some bucks. No just on food, but on various stuff. So you can get discounted deals at various restaurants and especially at Samaroh. So you may download the app and gain benefits!

Food – 4.5, Cost – 4/5, Service – 4.5/5

Samaroh Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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