“Empire” restaurant – new look, new feel and new initiative!

Bengaluru is home to thousands of restaurants, cafes and eateries. We all love our share of dining experience based on our preferences of cuisines, taste, cost, ambiance, service etc. There are most of us (I think) who believe that an exceptional, friendly and truly meant customer service provided by restaurants can sometimes overlook the facts related to slightly bad experience with food, taste or cost etc.

So, imagine that you have not been greeted or attended to by the staff when you step in to the restaurant, you have had your order not delivered to your table within the promised time, your food wasn’t good enough or you have any concerns and feedback that need to be voiced out and these get addressed or acknowledged  in “a minute” of raising them over a phone call while you are still seated! How would you feel about that? If I were that customer…I would be glad that there is someone to hear me out. I would be elated if the concerns get resolved in a minute as promised.

Well, Empire chain of restaurants who are here in the business for about 50 years now have come up with this initiative! A customer-centric team who are vigilant on around 600 surveillance cameras throughout their outlets 24*7; who are supposedly overlooking almost every move so that issues raised if any get resolved quickly. A wonderful and yet a BOLD move I must say! Why BOLD? Because it is not an easy task of watching over each of their restaurants, day in and day out and always be on their toes to serve the customers efficiently and resolve matters quickly!


Yes, this must obviously be based on some bad customer experiences? I too have had great experiences and a few not so good ones. So what I appreciate here is an initiative taken by them with a goal to improve and win over the customers! So, the next time I dine at one of their restaurants I would look forward to rely on the “tent card” placed at my dining table (which I have seen before but never realized the background of events that can happen) and place that call if things don’t go well (I hope not!). I would be curious to know if what is promised is also sustained..I somewhere get a feeling that it will be which would be fantastic!

Alright, I learnt and gathered all this information as I dined recently at the Bannerghatta outlet – the newest addition,  with fellow food bloggers as part of FBAB meetup. Their initiative is what captured my interest and hence the focal point of my blog/review and food being secondary.

So here’s my dining experience:


Well, for a change it is non-boring, bright, spacious and looks a little modern with a few traditional touches. There is an outdoor or open air seating too surrounded by a few plants  or greenery which is soothing to the eyes.


I tried the pineapple-colada and kiwi-colada in a tall glass – both were quite nice.


I was served with a hot chicken soup in a cute steel cup and it was okay. I think this needs more flavor balancing as something was overpowering and I couldn’t figure out what.



We were served with a list of veg and non-veg starters, I mostly tried  the non-veg.

The best were the prawns ghee roast (well marinated and delicious!!!), their new item green chilli kebab and their signature dish grilled chicken. The pepper flavored mutton brain dry and the other items were nice.


A wonderful assortment of – tandoori rotis, butter kulchas, rumali roti and coin paratha. The butter kulcha was the best and went well with a few items listed above.

MAIN course

Curries and gravies:

There was mutton and veg korma, butter chicken, palak paneer, dal tadka, hyderabadi chicken and chicken varaval. I tried palak paneer and chicken varival with rotis. They were nice but can definitely be improved further, especially palak paneer as it was slightly bland. Butter chicken with rotis on the other hand was very tasty and well with rotis and rice, the gravy mainly.

RICE items

We were served with zeera rice, veg biryani, mutton raan biryani, grill chicken biryani and shaadi ki biryani.

I was too full and only tried the chicken biryani which was quite flavorful made of zeera samba rice. The raitha provided was too watery but thankfully was replaced with a thicker and tastier one when I informed about it.


Watermelon boat and pineapple boat: These were two ways of ice-creams placed on the base of chopped fruits and served in the actual cut open fruits. Didn’t get to try these but was a visual treat!

Family pack ice-cream:

Another treat to the eyes and I felt wow as a few scoops of ice-creams were topped on chopped fruits and served in a bigggg glass bowl!


It was nice and a lovely way of a family enjoying together a big bowl of fruit salad with ice-cream. It would be great to leave the flavor of the ice-creams topped to customers’ choice.

To conclude, it was a pretty good day tasting some good food and learning about the initiatives taken by the management and the very abled @Ruhhii Singh. I would definitely look forward for to dine again and see improved changes and great dining experience.

Food – 4/5 (based on the food served), Service – 4/5, Ambiance 3.5/5.

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