“Nimisserie” – an epitome of a unique dining experience

Nimisserie located at Brigade road – an interesting and an intriguing name for an Indian restaurant isn’t it? I had heard and read about it a lot and was on my wishlist to dine here. I was more than happy to oblige an invite to a Bloggers meet for their new menu tasting, hosted by the esteemed Chef Nimish Bhatia himself! The name of the restaurant is actually based on his first name.

If you need a fresh feel of a good dining experience, you want to be wowed with some unique, beautifully presented dishes and some even more beautifully tasting food, then this is definitely a place to be at.  Just be ready to shell out a little higher amount compared to the average fine dining restaurants as this is no ordinary one – some good things come at a price. There is Ala-carte menu with 5, 7, 9 and 11 course meals, Shared Mains, special Sunday brunch and Buffet spread on offer – so pick your choice.

It’s also nominated for the Times Food awards 2017 under the “nightlife” category!




The place looks chic and beautiful with the golden and white colored decor. A vast collection of wines and alcohol is stacked up perfectly which welcomes you at the restaurant. Every thing you see around speaks of class! There is an open kitchen (fondly called by the Chef as “Kebaberie”) and the dining area is not too big but there is also a floor above for the Buffet spread.

Here’s how I describe about my dining experience:

FOOD – The food served here is mainly a concept food – based on degustation. I had learnt about the terminology while watching International Master Chef episodes. What it means is taking small amount of food into the mouth to test its quality and enjoy it.


We were served an orange drink  – this was pretty refreshing and was a good way to start the meal.


“7 course meal – Aspect Bon Vivant” – we managed to get more items other than the fixed 7 course meal and hence included here in the blog.

  1. Vadai crumble or Papdi chat single portion – A colorful looking and tiny portion of a papdi topped with caviar like beads made from guava and pomegranate juice? This was a treat to the eye and tasted very nice. It kind of created an excitement as to what is the next dish going to be!


2. Potli sack pack of feta cheese and burnt garlic in a Melon skin:

Who would have thought that a musk melon fruit with the said components would taste his great! This was like a salad, cooled melon fruit was carved into a fold-able piece/base that was given a shape of an open dumpling. The feta cheese only took this dish to another level and the fun bit was eating it at one go!

3. Cherry wood smoked salad of prawn with lavender, marigold, green apple and rocket lettuce:

Some exotic ingredients isn’t it? This stole the show with it’s presentation – when you lift the lid of the dressing from the served jar, smoke actually comes out and you smell some of the fresh ingredients. A very refreshing and tasty salad, the look and color combo were beautiful indeed!

4. Creamed yellow corn soup with truffle foam, shaved dried mushrooms:

The best best best dish of the evening for me! The soup was so creamy and delicious. The sweetness of the corn was so appealing to the taste buds! I would have this soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner..literally! So soups can no more be boring. A must try!

I just checked, it costs 195 bucks and worth for the taste!!

5. Mutton Sukhad on a Dhokla pillow, Lemon foam

A simple and good fusion dish. The dhokla was a little dry as it had to absorb the juices from the mutton topped over it.


6. Chicken Skewers with rice or Fish three ways (fried, grilled and curried):

I was served with the chicken dish which was simple and nice, I would have preferred it to be juicier.


I tried a couple of bites of the fish dish, especially the yellow curry. It was mild and quite tasty and the curry leaves added more flavor to it. Another good dish.


7. Cafe express (well, that’s what I think the name of this dish is):

What a presentation! A soft tortilla or a phulka filled with some goodness and hanging by a clip! It looks like the normal house hold drying their clothes on the terrace! Well, this tasted pretty nice and the zesty, orange sauce that was provided in a cute little jar was strong and tasty and went very well with salad on the side. I almost sipped the remaining sauce from the jar, was very nice!

8. Anda biryani:

What I liked again is the presentation. The tiny cute title cooker having a gravy on the side was so nice to look at! I only tried a bite from my foodie friend’s plate who is a fan of this dish. This is purely like a flavored pulav that has layers of beaten eggs. If you like runny egg taste in your food, you might like this.


9. Chocolate mousse with chocolate tuille?:

This was gooey and a nice dessert.


10. Masala chai creme brulee:

I had read about this in many reviews and badly wanted to try and hence requested for it.

It was served along with a biscuit topped with chocolate. Unfortunately, it wasn’t set at all. The consistency was just like a milky chai and I felt very sad that I didn’t get to try it, there was flavor but the brulee was missing so was the actual dessert. May be the kitchen staff didn’t check and I believe it is a miss on one of the days. If this had turned out well, it might’ve have been a 5/5 from me.

To conclude, it was a fantastic experience savoring on some of the tastiest dishes! I still can’t forget about the corn soup! I believe every foodie needs to dine here at least once to get a fresh feel of dining, breaking the same old experience which most of us get used to.

It is also recommended for celebrations, family get together or for a romantic meal.

Food – 4.5/5, Ambiance – 4/5, Cost 4/5

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