MPOC – Malaysian Palm Oil Council, the Palm oil myth?

Vivanta by Taj, hosted Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) of India team to let them conduct a Bloggers meet to spread the awareness on the goodness of Palm Oil, especially in India. It was a very informative event and we could somewhat relate to and understand why it doesn’t have many takers and why the awareness is not very high!

Most of us would have actually presumed palm oil to be not so healthy, cheap and associated it with bad products. But the Country Head of MPOC, Bhavna Shah very positively took us through the journey of palm oil, the myths or misconceptions and constraints or road block it faces in the globe, especially in Malaysia. And going by the facts presented to us and the same being available on the internet, we could get a sense to be able to judge and be aware about it’s lesser popularity mainly due to the agendas some of the organisations would have for their own benefit. Well, one can only know by going by the facts and presentations. So, why don’t you take the initiative to research more about it rather than be influenced by anybody else?

A few facts about Palm Oil:

1. Palm fruit produces two types of oils; one from the flesh and the other from kernel/seed.

2. It is a type of vegetable oil, making it cholesterol free. It helps raise beneficial HDL cholesterol level and has a neutral effect on blood cholesterol in the body.

3. It has a balanced ratio (50%) of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids.

4. It is an excellent source of pro-Vitamin A carotenoids.

5. It is easily digested, absorbed and utilised as a source of energy. It also promotes the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

> All these are based on studies and analysis is what I was told and info available on their website.

Palm Oil is supposedly equivalent to olive oil in terms of food health quotient. Most of the Indian markets import palm oil and use them in various foods but do not make it evident. It is also one of the best oils which has good smoking point which means you can re-use/re-heat the oil at least 2-3 times unlike other oils, and the goodness would still remain.

It was a fantastic fun event, educative and changed my perspective a little more.You can visit MPOC website or follow them on FB to know more. Some of the links are as below:

  1. Twitter: @thinkpalmoil
  2. Facebook:
  3. Instagram:

Lastly, thanks to the Vivanta team who fed us with some good lunch, ohhh the pasta was soooo delicious!

And of course with some fun activities. We all had a good time and went back home with some thought provoking questions or myth breakers about palm oil. It is also great to know that it is picking progress in India too where it is being grown or cultivated.


I would look forward to gaining more knowledge on the same and take the benefits from it.

Thanks @Bhavna shah and @Priyana Patel for making this happen.


One thought on “MPOC – Malaysian Palm Oil Council, the Palm oil myth?

  1. Thank you so much…for sharing such an marvelous things about palm oil n its benefits…m sure people at large aren’t aware about this…
    Its because of your efforts that such information have reached us n will reach out to many people too…i really appreciate your work…n its an honor n great previlage to read your tidings…great job…well done Respecté connoisseur…

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