A theatrical experience at “Broadway – The Gourmet theatre”

Broadway – when you hear this word, you are sure to think of the theatrical performances that are presented at the likes of The US and other prominent places. So when a restaurant that newly opened in the city having a same name boasting of a “gourmet theatre” then your curiosity only increases.

I couldn’t resist the curiosity to know about them myself when I was invited for dinner with fellow bloggers, and the 30 kms distance in heavy Bangalore traffic didn’t stop me either.


Located at HSR layout, this place is closer to the busy flyover and is spread across 2 floors. The main hall for actual dining whereas the floor above is for private dining. The place also has a small outdoor and open-air seating. The windy cold weather only made this place more appealing.

So post some introductory session with the courteous owner and the head Chef Tanvi, we sat down to try out their food that supposedly is presented with a dramatic touch or a theatrical element to them. I was more than looking forward for the experience.


Texas Cornets – Crisp phyllo pastry cones topped with refried beans, salsa crudo, sour cream, guacamole and microgreens.

This seemed like a fun amusing appetizer. The mexican flavors were great and it was a simple, light and a tasty dish.


Gochujang Cottage Cheese floss – Cottage cheese (paneer) marinated in korean chilli bean paste,wrapped in kadafi noodles and served on sticks.
I have seen similar dishes and tasted them too, these were alright.
Nacho chips served with smoked cheese dip and rainbow salsa – These were made in house and the jar they were presented in stayed warm and the nachos were pretty warm and crispy throughut. The dip was a good combo as usual and you keep going for more bites of it.
Tandoori Garden
Well, it was a vegetarian kebab platter represented like a garden patch. Looked nice and had different veggies. This was a good veg dish.
Dragon Roll
It is a creation by their japanese Chef Shiva’s signature sushi – it is termed one of their best. The dish and the presentation looked lovely, the orange fish roe topped on the prawn sushi looked vibrant and the wasabi on the side brought the required zing. I liked this except the fish roe as it is an acquired taste.
VEG Sushi – for our veggie friends. This was a delicious one and I loved it, do try!
Achari Chicken Tikka
This looked delicious and the way it was served in a smoking Table tandoor only made it more appetising. I loved the overall presentation. The chicken tasted nice but I would have preferred more marinade.
Jumbo Jhinga
3 huge Tiger prawns marinated in saffron, fennel and cheddar cheese and grilled to perfection. This is a must try for all the seafood lovers. The marinade and the grill was perfect and this was a very good meaty dish!
Hathoda Murgh
Their signature dish and an epitome of a “gourmet theatrical experience” as the name suggests. It is made of spring chicken, wrapped in banana leaf, covered with foil and covered/coated with red clay. This is then baked in the tandoor until hard and then broken with a customised hammer at the dining table in front of the diners.
The whole await while unwrapping the banana leaves and uncovering the whole chicken cannot be expressed in words, you need to witness it.

This was paired with 2 kinds of tangy curries which were okay. The meat was juicy and perfectly cooked however, it did no have much of marinade and the inner meat was bland and more flavor intact only on the outer meat. This can be better by ensuring marinade is coated within the whole chicken and baked. Yes, the meat dipped in curries brought more flavors. The olive oil coated rotis were very nice!

 Shabu Shabu

A japanese stew made in thai style, tom yum broth served as a steam boat that has to be cooked live by the guests. It is like a hot pot with the flame still on and cooking the ingredients you add to the broth.

The presentation again, was pretty nice and the broth tasted good too. But is was quite salty and a little overpowered with ginger.

Bamboo Biryani
Wow! This is what I uttered when the bamboo biryani was presented to us. Quintessential biryani cooked the normal way but is finished off by giving dum in a sealed bamboo casing.
The aromas the burnt bamboo was emitting with the sealed biryani inside was beautiful! The whole theatrical element again plays in your mind! Tapping the biryani out of the bamboo onto the plate was fun too. The biryani was nice and the thick raitha was too good.
A must try! I did not try the veg biryani though.
Shitake mushrooms and Philadelphia Maki – a blended simple mushroom soup. Was very creamy and tasty. I missed sauted mushrooms as a topping though.
The philadelphia soup was think but quite spicy later on which gives you  kick.
I had a kiwi an a cranberry mocktail and they were nice.
Melting Globe – their dramatic take on brownie and ice-cream
Spectacular looking dessert and I had seen this only on TV so far.
A beautiful looking chocolate globe, which has gooey chocolate over some stuffed vanilla ice cream which you can only see after pouring the hot chocolate over it…while the top layer melts away. The feel while globe melts away and seeing the ice cream inside is unique and makes you feel like a kid!
Guava and Chilli Sorbet – flavoured with hints of black salt:
I am not really a sorbet person but this was nice and cooling to end the meal.
It was a great time spent relishing on some good food and feeling excited about the whole experience. It is a good place to bring someone who you would like to make them feel special and excited about food!

Broadway - The Gourmet Theatre Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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