Simply delicious food @ “Simply South”

I came across this restaurant on Zomato that was yet to be opened in Dec 2016 at New Bel Road and had bookmarked it. I only learnt later that this is an award winning restaurant already well established in Hyderabad and next oulet was coming up in Bengaluru! It has won the Times Food and Nightlife award three years in a row under the “Best South Indian restaurant” category. Wow, that is really something!!

When it finally opened, I dined here for lunch as part of the FBAB meet up; and what an experience it was. Chef Chalapathi Rao took us through the idea behind this venture that brings together the traditional cuisines from 5 South Indian states – Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


Ambiance – The place is pretty bright and the decor, the paintings on the walls the dining area etc. does make your mind relate to the culture of South Indian states. The seating capacity is for around 75 people with an outdoor enclosed seating and it is quite spacious.

I like very few South Indian food items, but post a good meal here I realised that I enjoyed eating almost every dish that was served. Here’s my experience about the food that we were served:

The condiments at the table:

The papads, the chutneys and pickles that were served was a very simple and fantastic was of starting the meal. We kept going for ore and more as the bottle gourd chutney was yummy and light!

Kozhi Rasam (Chicken soup):

A rasam based soup with chicken, this was very nice…spicy and tangy.



Yera Varuval:

One of the best starters for the day. The spice rub was very good and the prawns tasted delicious!


Mokka Jonna Garelu:

These were sweet corn patties or vadas. They were very nice and had a sweet taste obviously. I would have liked a tad bit of spiciness though.


Gobi Kempu Bezule:

Away from the usual gobi manchurian, this crispy cauliflower starter was very nice!


Telangana Kodi Roast:

A lightly spiced chicken roast was a nice addition.


MAIN course – curries and gravies served with rice, ragi ball, appams and parotas.

Bendakaya Vepudu:

This was a lady finger dish to go with the parota and was alright.


Tomato Pappu:

A thick tomato gravy with right blend of spice and tang, again a good accompaniment with parota and  other stuff.


This is a curry that rarely gets cooked at my home but is delicious and I have always craved for it. But getting this at a restaurant made me a happy person although I am used to having a thicker version of it.


Alleppey Fish Curry:

A lightly spiced fish curry was nice. I would have personally preferred more marination on the fish as the meat was slightly bland.

Moova Vankai, Rasam and Uragai Mamsam: 

These curries looked nice but I did not try them.


DESSERTs – One of the best things to come dine here for.

Gasgase Payasa:

A dessert made of poppy seeds which was super heavy and delicious. A must try!


Goddi Haggi – A sticky and delicious sweet dish made with broken wheat and jaggery.


Khubani Ka Meetha and  badam halwa:

Another nice hyderabadi sweet dish made of apricots but did not try this or the halwa.



A good one to end the meal after the heavy desserts.


Overall, it was a fantastic experience and I loved some of the curries and especially the desserts. I am happy that this place is close to my place and can drop anytime whenever I have the cravings for any of the dishes. Go for it, a must try for all you South Indian food lovers!

Simply South Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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