“Cafesta” @ Forum Value Mall

Venturing at the Forum Value Mall, I visited this cafe kinda outlet at the Food Court/Transit. The place is done well with some good wooden work and has some seating capacity like other Transits. I does have its own appealing touch compared to other places next to it.

There were some nice desserts and chocolates on display and my mind was thinking to try them out.

I met the owner of the place Mr. Sandeep Setty who took me through his journey in starting this venture. He happens to have another outlet at Ascendas Park Square Mall. The place mostly serves cakes, beverages and other desserts. Talking to him I could sense, this person is someone who cares and aims at providing good food, believes in customer centricity and still wants to create a niche for himself in the business.

He seemed excited about a new introduction to his menu – “the Hot coffee festival” serving 25 plus varieties of coffee! This looked very interesting and tempting and would be a delight for all those coffee lovers. Why not try it?


Well, it was lunch time and I moved on to order some stuff from the menu and here is how I describe my litle experience:

Pan cake – with blueberry sauce, maple syrup topped with ice cream from the “Make your own pancake” category.

This was priced well and tasted good. The blueberry sauce made the difference and who doesn’t love ice cream melting away on hot pancakes.


Creamy chicken pasta with garlic bread:

It did look creamy topped with some good olives and was how I expected it to be. Nice kinda bland taste. The choice of chicken cubes can be better to bring out more flavours.

Garlic bread tasted nice too with the right crispiness.


A nice one to go with the creamy pasta. The flavor balance can be better to have that zing.


Mr Sandeep offered me with a few more items to taste – assorted chocolates, brownie, muffin and a chocolate cake. The cake was delicious and overall all of these were pretty good. They specialize in cakes and would be a good option to go for them for parties and celebrations and he seem to have a good fan following for his cakes!


I really wondered why was the rating on Zomato wad so low for this cafe when it was actually doing a pretty good job? Then I seemed to have got answers myself. The problem was the Mall or the location itself!

This Mall seems deserted and it was actually pretty vacant when I visited. Even the very few who would come here for movies or shopping might not come to the food court. And if they did, they might miss to see this place and surpass it as it is at one of the corners.

I can only hope that more people know about this place and give it a chance to serving them. My experience was nice and I can hope it can be same or even better for others.

Good luck!

Cafesta Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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