A lucky find – “Cafe Trouvaille”

“A lucky find” or something discovered by chance, this is what’s the meaning of Trouvaille! So how did I find this cafe ? While I was checking my inbox, I found an email from the owners of this new cafe who wanted me to visit them and experience what they have on offer! Anything new or unique/catchy, grabs my attention more.

Although this was 30 kms away from my home, I had to visit them…to know about them and so I did on a Friday and was warmly welcomed by two nice people – 2 friends (A lady and a gentleman) who gave up their jobs and started this place from scratch.


This is a cute little cafe tucked away in a calm area at HSR layout. When I carefully looked around, all I could see and sense is positivity! Sweetness, care and love in each element that was part of the décor. I was informed that every single element was the owners’ ideas which is lovely!

It’s very bright, with the natural light coming straight through the glass walls. There was a bald tree painting on of these walls. Interestingly, there were a few leaves carved out of colourful paper and gives an illusion that the tree is growing. Well, those little paper leaves are actually written feedbacks provided by the diners that keep getting added to the branches of the trees! They want the tree to keep growing with feedback and appreciation. What a lovely thought, very creative and honest attempt!

Here is a sneak peak of how the cafe looks at night, BEAUTIFUL:


As the place is pretty new, they are still adding and amending the menu to keep improving. They serve vegetarian and egg based food. So I had a chance to try out their newest item on the menu – combo meal and other stuff. Here’s my experience:

Mulberry lassi:

I’ve never tried this flavor and was quite keen to try it. The presentation in a glass the resembles an actual bulb was fantastic! The taste was delicious and a must try!


Mushroom fritters:

Please don’t expect usual roundels of mushroom fritters. These were lovely looking thick and stuffed rectangles/pockets of stuffed mushrooms with veggies and indian masala. They were delicious!

Chef’s special lunch combo with Egg shakshuka and coriander rice + Iced tea:

A tomato based thick gravy topped with two slightly runny eggs which looked nice and appealing! The taste was Mexican as expected and tasted good. It was paired with coriander rice which was alright in itself but couldn’t really get the whole taste when mixed together and eaten. I would suggest them to serve it with burritos instead? Still a good choice for people who love eggs or Mexican flavors.

Chilli cheese toast:

These tasted very nice though light on cheese which I was happy about. The little roasted garlic granules on top of the toast elevated the taste and I loved it!

Toasts topped with beans:

Another good dish. The beans tasted really nice and I guess we’re also Indianised a little which made them flavorsome!


Iced teas are still something the team is still experimenting and wanted to have on the menu. I am glad they already have now! Desserts are something new that I see that have already added and launched a new menu on 21st Jan 2017.


I had a wonderful experience here and was quite happy interacting with the owners and their efforts in making a place that is worthy for diners. They truly believe in delivering best customers expectations and hence are still testing waters with the menus and keep upgrading them as per requirements. I hope they do well and excel. Good luck guys!

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