Woodstok – Resto Cafe, worth a try!

I hadn’t heard of this place until I was invited by the owners to visit them. This word reminds me of a bollywood movie by the same name, Woodstock Villa! I visited them with a friend last weekend which is located at Indira Nagar.


Coincidently, this is indeed a villa converted into a restaurant with an additional floor having an open-air seating. It has various rooms converted as separate dining areas which makes it to appear quite cozy, most suitable for a family lunch or even for a quiet date – lunch/dinner with some good english vintage music playing at the background.


The menu was pretty elaborate and we were trying to pick the ones that excited us or the ones the diners would mostly prefer eating and would help the review.

Cream of mushroom SOUP:

By far, one of the tastiest soups I have had. The soup was really creamy and the mushrooms were delicious!!! If I can relate the word foodgasm to any food, then it would definitely be this one at this point of time. A little heavy but a must must try!



Pick me Up mocktail and Virgin Mary – They were quite nice and went well with the food. The pick me up had a very nice aroma and taste coming from it.

Fish Fingers:

I really hadn’t expected them to taste this good, they were very tasty! Right amount of crispiness on the outside and tender well cooked fish meat on the inside. I have had basa fish fingers at many places and sometimes there is a strange smell it gives out but here, it was a great eat paired with little salad! Yumm!

Jamaican Pepper Chicken:

I love pepper and pepper chicken and I had to try this. I somewhat expected them to be chunks of dark chicken meat with loads of pepper just like the Indian pepper chicken. But, it wasn’t…obviously because it was Jamaican? These were chicken strips along will bell peppers and taste was nice but could have been more peppery.

Honey chilli potato:

I expected them to be baby potatoes but these were close to crispy french fries with chilli and honey glazed sauce. Tasted nice and the spice hits you only later on.

Chicken Steak Caroline sizzler:

This looked really nice topped with a fried egg. The chicken was cooked well and tasted nice paired with the grainy mash potato, pasta tasted alright. I feel if the veggies were sauteed and the mash had more garlic flavor, it could have elevated the dish further.


Apple Pie with ice-cream and custard:

The apple pies I have had elsewhere and I love are the ones that are freshly baked in a casserole – gooey, moist and warm and that is what I really wanted to try here too and end the good meal with a good dessert. Well, when the dish arrived, I was quite surprised that it was a regular apple pie topped with a scoop of ice-cream on a sizzler separated with 2 slices of brown bread to avoid any burning. It was alright, a little dry, a little hard and the custard did not help much. Bread was also something that cannot be enjoyed and hence a waste of food. This is the only dish I feel that needs improvement or can be changed a bit.

To conclude, some dishes were delicious and a few others were quite nice. My only suggestion would be to have some dressing on the salad, otherwise they are just a few plain, whole and chopped vegetables which may not necessarily help the dish be balanced with taste and texture.

I really enjoyed the meal, the experience and the conversations with the very sweet lady – Manager and Co-owner. Not many people may know about it but I do recommend this place for some good food. They have a lot many things to offer and you could as well end up trying something new and delicious! Go ahead!

Woodstok (Resto - Cafe) Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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