“Glocal junction” – Global cuisines at a local destination!

Glocal! Interesting name for a restaurant. It was on my wish list to visit them as I had heard a lot about their various continental or global food with uniqueness in taste and presentation. I visited them recently at Indira Nagar, Bengaluru for their new menu tasting as part of a Bloggers meet and enjoyed the whole experience.
In simple, bringing the global and the local Indian cuisines together is Glocal for you!

We also were informed that they have some fun things introduced like –  ‘What Women Want’ every Tuesday, which is the Ladies Night with free drinks on select cocktails for ladies and Karaoke. They also have activity nights every Thursday, where they promote interesting performances by stand up Comedians, Music Bands etc.

The theme is of dark colours, mainly black and not too bright. It’s quite spacious with a ground and a 1st floor and a bar section as you enter.

Here’s my experience with their food:

Kokum Desi cooler – This was a lovely drink and a must have. It had right balance of tanginess and tasted very good.

My blogger drinking friends had an array of cocktails and long iced teas which looked great. The presentation and drama about the “Black Magic” did catch my attention especially as it was on fire, literally!


Mushroom Malai wasabi Chilli – Lovely looking mushrooms, they were nice, flavorful and juicy.


Farmers delights pizza – Simple and yet a tasty pizza with some good veggie toppings. It was cheesy enough and nice and gives you a feeling of eating healthy food for a moment.


Churasco Chicken – Well marinated and flavorful chicken along with small little buns. The chicken and corn with salad was a good combo whereas the buns did not make any difference.


Disco Anda Pav – Interesting name, this was not bad with a masaa omelette in between two pav breads.


LGBT Prawns – Flavorful and tasty dish. The crunch on the prawns was too good and makes you want to eat more. A nice addition to the menu.



Tawa Pulao – A delicious item and a must try. The flavor from the masala rice and veggies was very nice. One of the best veg dishes that even a non-vegetarian like me liked it!


Moroccan Baked Fish – Most of the fish dishes you get in restaurants are made of Basa fish and they’re not very good either. But this one was made well and the marinated flavor was also there. Clubbed with the coriander rice, this one was nice too.


Cottage Cheese Steak – I’m not really a paneer fan but this was an alright veg dish. The accompanied medley of veggies was a little off the balance.


Half Roast Bird – This was an alright dish for me but the sauce and grilled veggies really made the difference. The mash was very creamy and good. I believe the presentation and colours on the dish can be more appealing.


Biryani Risotto – So a veg biryani cooked in risotto style using the sticky brown risotto rice.  The consistency of risotto was there but not much of actual biryani flavor as a fusion, not that I am complaining because as a dish in itself this was one of the best dishes of the meal. It was delicious! Do try!



Kalkatta Pan Cheese Cake – I loved the presentation! Wow, who’d have thought a cheesecake stuffed in a paan with a layer of chocolate coating on it. It tasted very good, soft cheesecake oozing out of the paan when you hold it tight…another must try!

Waffle Brownie – I do not like waffles much but this was nice and warm topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and cream t go with it.


Firni Cream Brulee – Firni made in French style! Well, I mean the Brulee effect on the top layer if Firni. Delicious and not too sweet, apt to end a meal on a sweet note.


Baked Filter Kapi – Yes, kaapi! The presentation of it gives an illusion of just a coffee with a little froth. Only when you scoop a bite out with a spoon us when you realize that it’s baked! Quite and interesting and innovative dessert as I’ve not had anything like this before. Go for it!

Even their cutleries are quite unique and some of them make you smile.


Whether you believe in fusion or food with a twist or not, this place does have some delicious food to try out. If not food, there is something more for you to look out for, show off your talents and have some fun too.

Glocal Junction Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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