Bowled over by “Al Karim” restaurant

Many of us food lovers keep looking for places to have a good meal at fancy or fine dining restaurants just because we (think!) could relish on some newer and tasty food, receive a good service and end up paying hefty price irrespective the experience was good or not!

On the contrary, we also end up enjoying some great meals at some not so famous places by chance. In my experience, such experiences leave a lasting impact and make me keep looking out for such places. It makes me wonder whether the hype around some eminent places is really worth the experience because it creates a bubble and blinds us, literally!

I happen to receive an invite from the owner of Al Karim, Kammanahalli. I hadn’t heard of the place nor knew anything about it. As a food lover and a curious person by nature, I did want to try this place and humbly accepted the invite and visited them a few days ago. I later learnt from him that the place is just a few months old.


When I reached the place with a fellow blogger, I had my doubts as it was a simple place but looked nice and tidy. One of the walls with a golden touch was something that caught my eye. The kitchen was separated by a glass door and I could see the kitchen staff cooking. The place can seat about 30 people.

Now let’s talk about the most important aspect of the visit, the FOOD:


Murgh Malai tikka: It stood by it’s name and the chicken pieces were soft, succulent and well marinated. It was yummy and a must try.
Kalmi siraji: Unique and unheard of name for a chicken dish. It was basically chicken drumsticks stuffed with minced chicken with some roasted fennel seeds that brought out unique taste but thankfully wasn’t overpowering. I have had kalmi kebabs and stuffed chicken before but this portion of generous stuffed chicken mince was pretty good and flavorful. Another must try here.


Mutton pepper fry: I love non-veg dishes with pepper and this was something I was looking forward to try. The flavor coming out from pepper, the chillies, capsicum etc. was delicious. The flavor base was south indian style is what I felt and mutton lovers should try this.
Roti basket: A basket of at least 4-5 roti items. I liked the garlic and butter kulcha the most.
Bhuna gosht: A tangy and slightly sweet taste coming from the tomato and onion based gravy. This was a very good accompaniment with the rotis and was finger licking good. I could see the meat strands falling off the bone easily and the dish was packed with flavors.
Al Karim SPL chicken gravy: If it is their special, then we had to try it. The taste and flavor was almost similar to that of the bhuna gosht gravy. The only difference was that it was topped with crushed cashew nuts and brought a good texture, again went well with the roti items.
Al Karim SPL mutton biryani: Let me tell you, the first look when the biryani was served wasn’t appealing enough. It just looked like a simple masala rice and I was telling myself these guys need to work presentation of this dish.
Then I took a first bite and I was surprised. It wasn’t a fancy biryani, didn’t really fall into the category of various names we have for biryanis. But for the lack of specific name, this is what most people refer to as the Bangalore style!
Nah, don’t underestimate it’s looks; it was very flavorful, the meat was well cooked and it reminded me of the muslim weddings or functions as this is how exactly most muslim Chefs prepare their biryanis. I know there is  huge fan following for such food. Want to taste the real muslim style biryani, just head here and you will not be disappointed!
DESSERTS – There were no desserts as the chef wasn’t available. This is something they need to work on as the diners could get disappointed if they do not get to end their meal on a sweet note. The prices seem very reasonable though.
Overall, my experience here was fantastic. It is one of the places that unexpectedly surprise you with tasty food. It is also a reminder to us that some simple and unheard of places actually have a lot to offer. They just need a chance, they just need to be explored!
Go ahead and try them already! A good news to people around Kalyan Nagar and the folks working in Manyata Tech Park as they deliver food here via Swiggy and Zomato!
Food – 4.5/5
Cost – 4/5
Service – 4/5 – they are still ne and learning so give them time to be a 5!

Al Karim Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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