Aloha (Hello) to “Three Dots and a Dash” restaurant

It must be quite amusing for people when they hear the name “Three Dots and a Dash” for a restaurant isn’t it? Well, it definitely was to me. It kinda makes sense when you learn what it actually means – Victory!! This is how the victory symbol came into picture during the world war two. Just google it, you will know more.

I dined here for lunch as part of a Blogger’s meet. Although this place is mainly known for it’s tiki cocktails, I was here more for their new menu tasting.


Having two floors, the ground floor is more on the dark side, not too bright. The first floor is more lively and bright whose most of the decor is made of bamboo logs. The place is pretty spacious and can accommodate a huge crowd.

So here’s what we got to taste as part of their new menu:

DRINKS/Cocktails: I had mocktails which wre pretty nice. Although I am a teetotaller, I did capture some of the below cocktails my blogger mates were trying.


Waldorf Salad: A well balanced and a tasty salad with crunch lettuce leaves and apples and olives to balance the creaminess from walnuts.


Lemon Coriander Soup: It was a nice soup but the fried noodle topping was soggy and the lemon flavor could have been better.

Herb Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms: A very good dish and a must try here. I have had something similar elsewhere and this one had the mushrooms flavors coming out very well.
Vegetable Croquettes 
California Spud (Chicken): Baked potato stuffed with chicken mince with flavorful toppings. There is a veg option to if you would like to try.
Polynesian Baked Fish: Polynesian baked fish with a twist using indian way of banana leaves for preparation. Unfortunately, this was my least favorite dish because I took a bite and it smelled of beaten egg which wasn’t an appealing taste. I had two bites and I was done. A few others felt the same experience. Then we enquired with the Chef and he confirmed there was no egg used as the recipe doesn’t need eggs, weird! So, I leave the option to you. The Chef however was nice enough to take feedback and wanted to improve on it.


Mazzi’s farm chicken:

Fried chicken paired with potato wedges which went well with the salad base.


Vegetable  Tagine with Cous Cous: By far the best dish on the menu and surprisingly a vegetarian one. A must try!


Spicy veg whole wheat  and Whole wheat chicken supreme pizzas:  Two nice pizzas and o well with your drinks.

Desserts :

Bailey’s & Raspberry Gateau: It was an alright dessert, a slice of cake more or less. But the raspberry coulis/sauce was yummy and made the difference.


Hawaiian Banana split with Vanilla Ice cream: Banana split presented in a scooped pineapple.



If wanna spend nice time eating, drinking and having some great conversations with friends and have a relaxed time, this is a good option. The whole atmosphere was relaxed and you will like it.

Three Dots & A Dash Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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