New menu tasting at “Farzi Cafe”

An interesting and funny name for a restaurant and like many other ones, this was also on my wishlist to dine at as I had heard a lot about their Delhi outlet. I recently had an opportunity to taste their new menu as part of a Bloggers meet and was also thrilled to meet the owner – one of the Master Chef India judges, Mr. Zorawar Kalra.


Located at a prime place like the UB city, this place is sure to attract attention from hungry shoppers and other crowd. The place looks small from outside but is actually pretty big having different dining sections.

Here’s the NEW MENU: A few of the dishes I couldn’t taste, so enlisting what I got to try from the menu.


1. Dal Moth “MATKA CHAAT”: Topped with fresh pomegranate and stuffed with moong sprouts, green apple combined with chutneys and thick curd, this was a yummy to start the meal with.


2. Dhokla and Farsaan salad : Accompanied with tempered chilli and crispy nuts, this looked like a little garden when presented. The dhokla was pretty hard and bland and should have been on the softer side. Other stuff with the salad leaves tasted nice.



1. Mac and Cheese Pakora bites: A new take on indian fritters. It was alright and slightly bland but I liked the new take on it and went better with with hot garlic sauce.


2. Mushroom Kurchan Kulcha: These were assorted wild mushrooms sautéed with Indian spices and stuffed into a kulcha with cheese and finished off in Tandoor. These were nice but a little dry.


3. Green Curry marinated Paneer tikka with sambal mayo: The twist is the thai Green curry marinade mixed with paneer cooked in a Tandoor. The mayo went well with it and the paneer cubes were succulent.


4. Iyengar Bakery style toast: Stuffed with masala aloo, scallion, coriander chutney; this as a nice one.


5. Sion Prawn Koliwada: The battered and fried prawn looked and tasted nice.


6. Chilli chicken stuffed samosa with sulemani chai chutney: The samosas were different and yummy and presented in chai glass tumbler with sulemani chai chutney. However, the presentation did not help much because the samosas couldn’t really be dipped into the glasses having the chutney. This can be improved.



1. Shawarma Biryani: The presentation again was very nice and it looked like a shawarma tandoor. The biryani was nice but wasn’t really like the one we are used to. If considered like any other dish, this is quite tasty.


2. Bisi Bele bhaat risotto: Who would have thought a risotto in a bisi bele baath style or vice versa? Well, I have had a biryani risotto elsewhere and loved it. This too was a very nice veg dish. One of the best dishes of the afternoon. The artichokes gave a slightly tangy taste to the whole biryani.


3. Edible charcoal flavored appam with chicken sukkha: There was a vegetarian version too these were yummy and must try.


1. Farzi Sundae: The look of it was all brownish and good. This was a brownie topped with pista, blueberry and cardamom kulfi, nuts and saffron strands. This was nice but there was a strange overpowering bitter taste in the dessert. We later learnt that it was coming from saffron strands. It was alright and can be changed or improved a little.


2. Textures of Indian desserts: 7 indian desserts with different textures on one platter. Included orange kalakand, blueberry pedha, mango pedha, chena payas, carrot cream, Besan laddoo crumble and Apple custard rabdi. This was a good interpretation but if there is a person who doesn’t necessarily like all or some of these sweets then they wouldn’t be happy ordering this dessert. Also, this is fit for 2-3 people.


3.  Tandoori Rasmalai served with flavoured yoghurt and almond nougat: A nice simple dessert but again nothing spectacular that would keep me wanting to go back for it. The sauce however was yummy.


It was a delightful experience to have tried some very different and creative dishes. The place was packed within an hour’s time. Service is efficient and I loved the attire of the staff. If you want to experience some fusion food with innovative elements, different textures and tastes, then do try. It is slightly heavy on the pocket.

Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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