“House Of Commons”, indeed a bar for everyone!

I wouldn’t voluntarily visit a bar or a pub unless it is for an office party or a friends get together. Being a teetotaller, a drinking place doesn’t exactly excite me. But yes, when I get invited by such restaurant owners for tasting of their menu; I get curious as I want to know what kind of food is being served, the taste, the variety and quality of it and hence pen down my thoughts on the same.

I happen to oblige an invite to visit House of Commons (HOC), HSR Layout recently with a blogger friend of mine. Mr. Adarsh Gowda, the Restaurant Manager greeted us very well and sat us down to get started.



It is a simple looking place from outside and has a main dining dining area with some lovely benches like seating section near the bar. A floor up has another dining section with and a separate open air seating too. Overall, the place can accommodate a big crowd but is not very well lit.

At the dining table:

Coming to the main reason of the visit, the food.  My friend and I were browsing through the menu and were thinking what should we sample here.


There comes Mr. Balaji another restaurant Manager who knew a lot about mocktails and cocktails. With a great smile, he made some really refreshing drinks that went very well with the list of dishes that we were to soon try. My fried tried some amazing and one of the best (according to him) cocktails and I tried the following mocktails and each one was very good.


And in a few mins, the staff brings us a few dishes for us to try. So, we were sorted and didn’t’ really had to think of what to try and relied on the Chef who would churn out dishes and kept sending to our table. Here’s my take on what we got to taste:

  1. Chicken momos: Not the regular momos. These were steamed and then roasted in a tandoor. A good change from the usual just steamed or fried momos. 

  2. Corn fritters: I liked these very much as I like the natural sweet taste coming from the corn. A very good veg food option and a good bar food.DSC_0078.jpg
  3. Hunan chicken strips: Nice and crispy strips. Go for it if you like the hunan style.DSC_0081
  4. Thai banana grilled fish: This seemed alright and the sauce had good flavors but was my least favourite. I am not really a basa fish fan when it comes to steamed food. My friend on the other hand enjoyed this one and advised that the flavours were indeed of thai cuisine.
  5. HOC chicken salad: A nice and healthy salad except the grated cheese topped over it but. I would have preferred the chicken strips to have some good drizzle of the sauce over them or absorbed some juices as it was pretty bland. Still a good salad!DSC_0086.jpg
  6. Chicken fries loaded with cheese: This was yummy and cheesy and sadly we had to waste some as it was too heavy with all other foods.DSC_0090.jpg
  7. Personalised platter of Roti pe boti, Lemon grass murgh tikka and Murgh kasturi kebab: Not wanting to waste food, we requested the Chef for small portion of the food that’s being sent to taste. So this platter was a good surprise having three dishes presented on one plate. Roti pe boti was something new and a good nibble food. All the three were nice.
  8. Crispy corn chilli pepper: Another good dish. The pepper taste was quite prominent and stayed true to its name. DSC_0098.jpg
  9. Fish and Chips: I love fish and chips and have some great experiences in New Zealand. This is an apt bar food and for me this went so well with my soft beverages. Basa fish did justice here and it was a good dish again.
  10. HOC chicken pizza: A pizza loaded with veggies, chicken cheese. A good option to try it and not feel very guilty as there were some generous portions of healthy veggies topped over. DSC_0110


  1. Walnut brownie with ice cream: Wasn’t really a favourite as the brownie was too dry and hard to break. A feedback was given which was taken by them very positively.


2. Caramel custard: I have had disastrous experiences at other places trying this dessert. This was not the best but definitely a simple nice try.DSC_0111.jpg


Overall, both of us felt that most of the dishes that were churned out for us stood true to their name and we relished on some great food. This experience exceeded my expectations and I really didn’t know I would leave the place feeling happy with a tummy full of various stuff we got to try.

The price didn’t seem too high and it would be a delight for all classes of people, people with interest in different cuisines to dine here and have a good experience.

The service was fantastic. You could say, may be we received special attention being bloggers? Well, I don’t know but the service felt truly genuine as I saw the staff reaching out to every table and ensuring the experience was good for other customers too.


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