Bowled over by “Al Karim” restaurant

Many of us food lovers keep looking for places to have a good meal at fancy or fine dining restaurants just because we (think!) could relish on some newer and tasty food, receive a good service and end up paying hefty price irrespective the experience was good or not! On the contrary, we also end… Continue reading Bowled over by “Al Karim” restaurant

“Glocal junction” – Global cuisines at a local destination!

Glocal! Interesting name for a restaurant. It was on my wish list to visit them as I had heard a lot about their various continental or global food with uniqueness in taste and presentation. I visited them recently at Indira Nagar, Bengaluru for their new menu tasting as part of a Bloggers meet and enjoyed the whole… Continue reading “Glocal junction” – Global cuisines at a local destination!

Woodstok – Resto Cafe, worth a try!

I hadn’t heard of this place until I was invited by the owners to visit them. This word reminds me of a bollywood movie by the same name, Woodstock Villa! I visited them with a friend last weekend which is located at Indira Nagar. AMBIANCE Coincidently, this is indeed a villa converted into a restaurant… Continue reading Woodstok – Resto Cafe, worth a try!

A lucky find – “Cafe Trouvaille”

“A lucky find” or something discovered by chance, this is what’s the meaning of Trouvaille! So how did I find this cafe ? While I was checking my inbox, I found an email from the owners of this new cafe who wanted me to visit them and experience what they have on offer! Anything new… Continue reading A lucky find – “Cafe Trouvaille”

“Cafesta” @ Forum Value Mall

Venturing at the Forum Value Mall, I visited this cafe kinda outlet at the Food Court/Transit. The place is done well with some good wooden work and has some seating capacity like other Transits. I does have its own appealing touch compared to other places next to it. There were some nice desserts and chocolates on… Continue reading “Cafesta” @ Forum Value Mall

Simply delicious food @ “Simply South”

I came across this restaurant on Zomato that was yet to be opened in Dec 2016 at New Bel Road and had bookmarked it. I only learnt later that this is an award winning restaurant already well established in Hyderabad and next oulet was coming up in Bengaluru! It has won the Times Food and Nightlife award three… Continue reading Simply delicious food @ “Simply South”

A theatrical experience at “Broadway – The Gourmet theatre”

Broadway – when you hear this word, you are sure to think of the theatrical performances that are presented at the likes of The US and other prominent places. So when a restaurant that newly opened in the city having a same name boasting of a “gourmet theatre” then your curiosity only increases. I couldn’t resist the curiosity to… Continue reading A theatrical experience at “Broadway – The Gourmet theatre”

HUNAN – preview of new menu

In all honesty, I am really not much of an Asian cuisine aficionado. I like only a few select items and was interestingly looking forward to a Bloggers meet at Hunan to taste their new they had come up with 70+ dishes which also have some gluten-free and MSG free dishes. It is always good… Continue reading HUNAN – preview of new menu

MPOC – Malaysian Palm Oil Council, the Palm oil myth?

Vivanta by Taj, hosted Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) of India team to let them conduct a Bloggers meet to spread the awareness on the goodness of Palm Oil, especially in India. It was a very informative event and we could somewhat relate to and understand why it doesn’t have many takers and why the awareness is… Continue reading MPOC – Malaysian Palm Oil Council, the Palm oil myth?

“Nimisserie” – an epitome of a unique dining experience

Nimisserie located at Brigade road – an interesting and an intriguing name for an Indian restaurant isn’t it? I had heard and read about it a lot and was on my wishlist to dine here. I was more than happy to oblige an invite to a Bloggers meet for their new menu tasting, hosted by the… Continue reading “Nimisserie” – an epitome of a unique dining experience