Fusion-food at “Food-e”

“Food-e” is an example for people who are not afraid to try their hands at being different from the usual lot in food industry; and experiment with food fusion – here, of Indian and continental cuisines! Yes, like most experiments, there will some hits and a few misses. Food-e is a cafe like outlet that… Continue reading Fusion-food at “Food-e”

Food extravaganza at “Karama”

Ever thought that sometimes it’s tough to push down your throat even half a plate of decent food and other times you just keep eating with an endless appetite??? Isn’t that just because of some mouth-watering food?! Well, that’s what I experienced! A never-ending list of delicious food at Karama, serving ARABIAN, KARACHI and PUNJABI… Continue reading Food extravaganza at “Karama”