“Sly Granny” restaurant – a surprise package!

“Sly Granny” – Such peculiar name for a restaurant which does raise some eyebrows, creates curiosity or an intriguing interest as to what this place has got to offer. The curious excitement only increased when I dined here last week as part of a Bloggers meet.


Well the theme of the restaurant is based on a fictional character – a granny, who likes an array of things, has different interests and the decor of the place is mostly based on these thoughts. There is a floor above for a more relaxed dining experience. The open air terrace section is pretty nice.

Here’s the eating experience:


BARLEY SALAD: I have never had a barley salad and this was a first experience. A very nice salad topped with fried onions and peanuts; orange bits and mint brought a vibrant taste. People looking for healthy food here can definitely try it. I would recommend that more nuts are added to the salad to bring in more crunch as the soaked barley has a slightly slimy texture.


PULLED CHICKEN TACO: The shape wasn’t really like the usual folded tacos. The only mexican flavours I could relate to is the tomato relish which was indianised. The sweet sour tomato base (tasting similar to the south indian style – tomato “gojju”) topped with chicken strips had beautiful flavours. A little messy eat as the sauce drips off your palm but that is actually the fun bit.

TAPAS STYLE SHRIMP: The sauce had good flavours but the prawns hadn’t absorbed the flavors much. It was just alright for me.


BAKED BRIE VEG: This looks different that it tastes. For the ones who do not know; brie is a type of mild creamy cheese! But the layered baked cheese almost looked like a baked egg white. It was something different I have tried and I liked it. The toffee walnuts went well with it.


CALAMARI FRITTO: Calamari or squid battered and fried. A nice and simple dish but you may not enjoy much if this is left to get cold as loses it crispiness quickly.


ONION POTATO FLAT BREAD: One of the best dishes of the day. Very simple and tasty dish. The diced potatoes (or was it sweet potato?) were sweet and soft and the green pesto like base only added more flavors to the dish.


MOCKTAILS: The green apple drink wasn’t good and the orange one was nice.


IMAM BAYALDI: On a bed of couscous, baked egg plants topped with stuffing and pomegranate pearls.  The dish was nice although there was slight bitter taste coming from eggplant which is hard to miss. The raisins balance it with the sweetness.


AGLIO ALIO: This was just alright and there weren’t enough good flavors. If there were some nice mushrooms sauted instead of the huge chunks of shallots, I guess it could have been a great dish.


ROAST LAMB: Lamb on bone made to look like a chicken drumstick. Not really a good looking dish because of it’s color, but the meat was really tender and flavorful.


ROAST LAMB GNOCCHI: The gnocchi tasted perfect, creamy and soft as they should be. Didn’t like much of the sauce base and the roast meat. Or did I just like the gnocchi so much that I ate only that!


DESSERTS: We were served with three desserts and each of them were delicious, making us craving for more.

PANNA COTTA: Well madecremy panna cotta and the zesty grapefruit bits went reaally well with it.


CHEESE CAKE: A must try here. Not one of the best I have had but was indeed very good. The white chocolate-rose petal tuille beautified it and the sauce/coulis made the real difference.


WALNUT PIE: This was so delicious. Nothing more to say.


Overall, it was a well spent afternoon over some good food and conversations.  Irrespective of the “granny” concept makes sense to me or not, the food certainly did. The desserts were the show stoppers and a must try. If I visit them again, I would not miss their desserts for sure.

The service is courteous but not all staff are well informed of the dishes. Something to work on I guess?

Food – 4/5

Cost – Don’t know. Neither did we refer to the menu nor its available on Zomato.

Ambiance  3.5/5

Service – 4/5

Sly Granny - The Community House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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